[Jandek] when i took that train lp

atomiccrash at alltel.net atomiccrash at alltel.net
Mon Jul 25 10:37:17 PDT 2005

ok well, hi my names derek deprator. from cleveland, ohio...i put out the I KNOW WHO JANDEK IS EP that i guess a few people on this list commented on a few years ago....no, i don't...there's a song by a band called television personalities called i know where syd barrett lives...they didn't know either, i'm sure...that's where i got the title from. 

but what my drummer found interesting recently is that...i released my first full length after i did the 'jandek ep' ...it was called WHEN THE TRAIN LEFT THE STATION, i have a few jandek lps but don't really follow as close as all you do so this was news to me.

i dunno, maybe the guy does web searches for himself? we thought it was weird.



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