[Jandek] Jandek plays 3 US shows

Kenneth Dombrowski kenneth at ylayali.net
Sat Jul 23 20:13:10 PDT 2005

On 05-07-23 11:23 -0500, Allen Rendel wrote:
> Sorry, but that's just ridiculous.  I live in the Chicago & the show is in
> New York.  I'm supposed to make the 1500 mile round trip twice to show my
> committment?  As it is it will cost me $600-800 to get to NYC, have a place
> to stay and be at the show, plus several days off work.
> Allen

Hi Allen, 

I didn't phone to verify it for this show, but the usual Anthology
practice is not only "no phone or internet sales", but also "tickets on
sale day of show only."  I've missed a number of films because of this
policy... most recently the Crispin Glover film @ NYUFF this year, got
there 1/2 hour after the box office opened and two screenings were sold
out.  Maybe it's different for non-film events, or maybe they will make
an exception for Jandek, but call first before flying out from Chicago! 


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