[Jandek] Jandek/Richard Thompson connection?

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>> Three Gods. The Christian interpretion of the Old Testament and
>> the Jewish
>> understanding are very different.
> Thanks for setting me straight - though the texts are similar it's 
> difference enough that Christians see the Old Testament as a prelude of 
> sorts to the New Testament and the Jewish understanding of the Torah is 
> that it builds to a Messiah who has not yet come.

I know I'm getting off-topic here, but the difference isn't just that 
Christians think Jesus was the Messiah and Jews don't. The role of the 
Messiah in both religions is very different. The idea that he's going to be 
a divine being who's going to bring about man's salvation is completely 
foreign to Judaism. So, I guess I disagree with saying that the Torah builds 
to a Messiah. That sounds like saying that Jews are still waiting for their 
New Testament, but Jewish bible is complete as it is. After the coming of 
the Messiah, Jews will still live by the Torah and all the laws are going to 
be in place. Moreso, since it'll be possible to keep the laws that only have 
meaning when the Temple in Jerusalem exists.

>> In the 80s, Richard Thompson said he was still a Muslim, but not
>> strictly a
>> Sufi. I suspect both men are spiritual, intellectually curious
>> people who
>> explore various beliefs and are affected by them without commiting
>> themselves to any specific sect.
> I'll buy that. More than anything I was putting together the similarities 
> between the cover and title of Thompson's album with the cover and title 
> of Jandek's and seeing a link. Jandek's always been a bit Old Testament in 
> his spiritual songs but some of them ("Take My Will" especially) seem to 
> be very humble and revealing of character.

Which album is that on? I've never listened to his spirtual songs closely 
enough to see a New or Old  Testement orientation.

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