[Jandek] Re: The Skinn Boys?!?

Richard Rees Jones richard.rees-jones at ntlworld.com
Sat Jul 23 01:50:58 PDT 2005

At 2:46 AM -0700 22/7/05, Ross Em wrote:
Aye, I echo the sentiments expressed herein...  That kind of 
anti-muslim shite isnt for here...
"Lets talk about the music" quoth someone.  "Get over yrselves."  he said
Im sorry but comments like that shouldnt go unchallenged, and 
Jonathon 23 was right to say "no".  Not all muslims are Bin Ladens, 
you cock.  In the light of everything thats happened in London thats 
not very cool.
Im feeling a anti-muslim backlash here in Scotland after that, and 
hence I cant just let a comment like that go.
Tomorrow belongs to us all.  Fuck you.

Calm down Ross.  I don't think I've ever read a post from you here 
that didn't include the words "Fuck you".  Why do you have do be so 
angry all the time?

The original 'Jandek bin Laden' post was not racist or anti-Muslim. 
Rightly or wrongly, bin Laden is viewed by many as a comic figure - 
you can buy novelty bin Laden masks, people go to fancy dress parties 
dressed up as him.  That's not poking fun at all Muslims, it's poking 
fun at bin Laden himself.  Utterly harmless, and - it could be argued 
- a reasonable way of addressing the man's evil.

Brighton, UK

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