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?  I thought that, of the entire family of bin Ladins, there was just
the one well-publicized extremist.  The rest are apparently innocents
who are related to him by blood alone.  So, by making the conclusion
that this was a "racial issue," could that be indicative of a form of
racism and ignorance, as well?

Just a thought.

Getting back on track for a moment, it looks apparent that Corwood is
becoming more comfortable with exposing more and more of the artist's
personal ties.  It is not without reason that these photographs have
not made earlier album covers.  What with opting for photographs that
are completely obscured over ones that are more intimate and personal,
the life of Jandek has been hiding from us, in a sense.  After 26
years, we're getting to see a deeper, more spiritual visual to go
along with similarly-themed lyrics and poetry.

In the elucidatory spoken word albums, I had thought the man was
talking to God.  Perhaps it was Allah.  Perhaps these bearded
photographs were taken at around the same time as this "sense of
awakening." But he's not telling us.  It's something beyond what we're
supposed to know about - at least for now.

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thanks for once again enforcing racist and religionist sterotypes
against arab and muslim people 
worldwide by equating all of them with a tiny, fringe group of

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