[Jandek] Gateshead Gig Available

Dave Parent dave9199 at lycos.com
Fri Jul 22 04:39:25 PDT 2005

One Last Chance is the ultimate spoken word track. What I find hard to believe is fans have a hard time with these albums when 
what people like about his lyrics is the intensity and emotions he writes about. My guess is a lot of fans are projecting their 
feelings onto his songs and making them personal and they can't do that with the spoken word albums because it's the most 
personal he's ever been. These albums are not Jandek, but Sterling Smith at his most human. Is that what you liked about him in 
the first place? These albums strip away all the mystery and give you a human being... and people are uncomfortable. I love the 
mystery as much as everyone does. It's the best one since the Paul-Is-Dead mystery and I still love that one. If you've ever 
wondered what he's like as a person, don't pass over these albums.

> I'd recommend at least getting one of the spoken word albums. I know  I'll 
> get the other two (I have This Narrow Road). But I can't say  I've listened 
> One Last Chance (the 30 minute track) more than once. ;)
> Ratan

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