[Jandek] The UK gigs....unavailable

krakow krakow81 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 01:24:30 PDT 2005

I'd love to hear the Gateshead gig, though hopefully as you say it
would only have to be a temporary fix (come on Jandek, in a slow phase
at the moment, surely time to crank out another couple of albums!). If
there were a couple of people sneakily recording it then it must be
somewhere... very selfish to record it and then hide it away for
yourself alone ;-).

I was at the front of the Glasgow CCA gig and I didn't see anyone
recording. The space was pretty small (I heard someone mention that
there were about 150 tickets?), and it was very quiet, all sitting, so
I could easily believe that no one managed to make a recording. I
don't know how discrete these things can be though, so I could be
wrong. I would have been scared to try to record it though, as this
was mentioned at the beginning of the night: the artists themselves
had apparently requested that there be no recording or photography,
and there were quite a few semi-official people in the audience. I
would have been scared of being chucked out and missing such a
monumental night.

On a related note have any photographs of either night appeared? There
was only the 'official' CCA photographer in Glasgow (because of the
above request), but I've not seen any pictures yet.

I eagerly await the proper release of these two gigs. Also there's
been talk of DVDs of the Jandek performances. Certainly the recent
Jandek performance was videoed. Was the Gateshead gig too? How about
that first Instal appearance - wasn't that meant to be released on DVD
by Corwood at some point?
Perhaps Jandek is going to do a massive 'Jandek: Live, Tonight, Sold
Out!' live DVD boxset with all three of the gigs! With exclusive
behind-the-scenes footage as well even...well maybe not...


On 7/16/05, Garry Brogden <garry at brogd-n.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi folks. 
> Seems to me that after the Instal gigs last year, it was a matter of hours -
> well, OK - days and the recordings were -uh- 'available' in the usual file
> sharing places. 
> Now, it's a month plus since the UK gigs in Gateshead and Edinburgh, and
> nothing seems to have turned up as yet. I was at the Gateshead gig and
> believe me, there must have been three or four people that I could see (and
> I was in the second row) who were surreptitiously recording it. I'd love to
> hear it again. 
> PS: I bought 'Glasgow Sunday' to replace my bootleg files, and I expect that
> the two recent dates might also get an official release, so it's only a
> temporary fix!

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