[Jandek] jandek on corwood soundtrack sources?

chthonic chthonic at chthonicstreams.com
Fri Jan 21 07:55:47 PST 2005

ok, so in my impatience and insanity i decided to play the DVD with 
the music only option, downloaded the lyrics from the tisue site, 
and did a search every time i heard some words in a song i liked.  
i ended up ordering 4 CDs:  ready for the house, chair by the 
window, blue corpse, and somebody in the snow.  the last one i 
added on because of the fine folks at aquarius records having a 
few short clips from almost all the jandek CDs they carry. they 
chose "om", which i loved right away when i heard it in the movie.  
it reminds me of a piece on nurse with wound's "live at bar 

however there is one question i can't answer:  does anyone know 
if the ominous instrumntal passages that sometimes crop up in 
the film are jandek's music, or some kind of incidental sounds 
added by the filmmaker?  there are two passages of deep 
rumbling and ambience, perhaps low piano mixed with a faraway 
wailing voice or string instrument, bathed in reverb and 
atmosphere.  they also seem to have a slight low-bit digital sound 
to them.  if these do sound familiar, i'd appreciate a suggestion 
about which album this can be found on.

thanks in advance,


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