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So, the folks on that psych collector's list I mentioned last week are still going berzerk over Jandek.  It's a flourishing list, but our one & only Dr. J currently draws a mention in passing about once a day.  Today however, things went completely over the top when a couple of folks up & posted anti-Jandek haiku poems.

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> > > Spontaneity, while interesting, doesn't trump 
> > >> composition or thoughtful reflection by any  means.
> > > Yep, as Wallace recently remarked on another (grossly inferior 
> board), > > > a baby spontaneously fouls itself.
> > The actual haiku is:
> > In Corwood, Texas
> > where a baby fouls itself
> > spontaneously
> that is in the Book of Corwoodic Verses right before this one:
> Chuck Norris
> He is father to Jandek
> But will never admit it



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