[Jandek] blue corpse & demystification

Ludo Maas multi-panel at unschooled.com
Sat Jan 15 02:28:25 PST 2005

"In an ideal world all of the useful observations made here since 1997
would be collated, and possibly posted somewhere, systematically album
by album, and then there would be a resource that could be referenced
should this kind of speculation come up again"

so true gavin :)
i found the list archives a little difficult to browse, not very reader friendly. exactly that's the reason why the important stuff should be copied out of it, into..
"and I don't know if the list or Seth's site is the place for

i think seth's place would be fine for this.

cheers. :)

l.g.maas at uvt.nl
ordinarypeoplerecs at hotmail.com
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