[Jandek] a valid point

Sharif Mansour stampid.mouse at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 21:55:43 PST 2005

The Americans have an advantage argument doesnt stand as a rule. If
music is powerful enough, it will make it overseas in a matter of
time. Merzbow (Japan) found success through press and word of mouth.
Good music transcends cultures among the Jandek-listening types. I'd
hardly like to think Jandek is a Kelly Clarkson or an Eminem. Jandek's
audience LOOKS for good music.
The availability, collectibility, mystique, and novelty of Jandek
contributes to Jandek's success. With all of his albums in print, and
a new documentary about his music, and a buzz about his recent
performance, I can imagine this is the most attention Jandek has EVER
had, and he's been doing his Jandek thing for nearly 30 years, no?
Besides, the Jandek we know existed in 1978, before any sort of
"similar" recordings were ever supposedly concieved in Belgium, and
Jandek gained his attention by sticking to his act for years on end.
If he had redefined himself after a few years (or "move on"
artistically) as the Belgian musician claims to have done, people may
not be talking about Jandek very much, and he certainly wouldnt be
mysterious enough to generate the sort of doumentary that he did.

Okay, enough of my rant.

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