[Jandek] a valid point

Rodney Gordon rwgordon at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 21:12:31 PST 2005

Hey all,

I just wanted to say that the Belgian guy who said that Jandek was
"lucky" to be American has a valid point. It might be that people
outside American cannot gauge people's reaction to their own culture.
I live in Australia and found out about Jandek by watching the
documentary that screened this year at the Melbourne International
Film Festival.

I had never heard of Jandek, his music or his public persona (or lack
of), all i knew was that he was a reclusive American musican making
unusual music. I think if he were a reclusive Belgian musician making
unusual music i would have been less likely (note: less likely does
not mean unlikely) to see the documentary in the first place.

All the poster was attempting to say was that people globally seem to
be a little more receptive to American culture than other foreign
cultures, and in my opinion this seems to be true of not only music
but films, television, you name it.

And, he never said he was better than Jandek, only that he'd been
doing a similar thing to him (except, obviously if he's telling people
he is not the same as Jandek).


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