[Jandek] God, enough already...

Jackson Diner tehpango at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 12:13:40 PST 2005

Some of you guys are taking this "Butts for Jandek" thing a little too
seriously. I will admit, it seems a little unorthodox, but it's not
like Janky will freak out over it.

"Jandek is a poet... heart and soul... he's a Christian... oh, emo angst..." 

Believe me, I like Jandek and his art just as much as the next guy,
but you guys are just stretching out the stereotype that Jandek is a
subordinate hermit. After hearing the interview in Jandek on Corwood
and reading the "beer interview" you can tell that this guy seems
pretty damn ordinary (or at least by social standards), and I don't
see an ordinary guy being completely offended by something like that
(not saying he couldn't be). Of course, I guess I could see him being
embarassed about it.

I'm not necessarily encouraging Butts for Jandek, but I'm just tired
of you kids yanking each others dicks about it. Besides, Jandek might
even get a kick out of the whole thing.

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