[Jandek] Hello Jandek Fans!

Na Na ketaminesun at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 18 16:28:49 PST 2005

Seems to me that somebody's got issues...  

Hey, I have a crazy idea...  You don't like Jandek? 
Great, stop listening.  Go back to your Velvet
Underground if that's what validates you.  Like they
say it takes all kinds...

This whole thing is absolutely hilarious to me.  He
claim that Jandek is garbage and we are wasting our
time by listening to him.  Yet the time that he is
spending preaching against Jandek is supposed to
construed as what?  The work of someone hoping to be
nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize?  I imagine it going
something like this...

"Mr. Moulty, we congratulate you!  We can't thank you
enough for the fine work you've done.  We tried to get
these folks to stop listening to Jandek but have been
unable to break through.  We were about to give up
hope when along you came.  It seems it was your clever
remark about Celine Dion that really got to them.  Of
course, Celine!  We should have thought of it
ourselves!  Kudos to you, Sir!"


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