[Jandek] Hello Jandek Fans!

Phil Harwell phil at philharwell.com
Fri Feb 18 10:24:07 PST 2005

speaking of comedy, that letter was pretty funny.  for somebody who
summarily dismissed jandek after 30 seconds, you sure do know alot about
his oeuvre.

i'm willing to bet you're really a huge fan, just playing the part of a
hater just to liven up the conversation.  and for that, i say thanks! 
this has been an excellent excercise in "jandek apologetics."

you can stop frontin' now.  you are amongst friends.

> Hey, knock yourselves out. Listen to the worst comedy albums of all time.
> And that's what they are folks, at best.....comedy.
> Except that's for maybe 30 seconds, then listening to Jandek is a lot like
> standing and staring at a bad car accident.
> Hey, if you enjoy Jandek, you'll love my upcomimg 6 album box
> set.......comprised of recordings made between 1985 and 2001 of me banging
> a
> tennis shoe against a basketball for several hours.
> The only information will be the make of the basketball, Spalding, and the
> name of the artist "Mayethel"  I will reveal later that it was May, and I
> was talking to Ethel.
> This will be my second name, the first name , "JuneKen" had to be
> discarded
> when I was sued by another band called "JuneKen" from Seattle.  Evidently
> ,
> it had been June, and they had been talking to someone named "Ken" as
> well.
> I look forward to the excitement and speculation amongst my many fans when
> on my 17th album, suddenly there are TWO tennis shoes banging on a
> basketball on a track entitled "Larry joins in".
> You'll love the album cover. It's an out of focus photo of a K-Tel Record
> Selector and a umbrella stand.
> The album will be entitled "Leaving The Rug".
> There will be much speculation as to what this "rug" is. And why am I
> leaving it? When did I arrive?  Was the basketball sitting ON a rug when
> it
> was being banged?
> Some will claim that, obviously, because the sound of the shoe hitting the
> basketball changes slightly on album 3.....that it had been on a rug
> before,
> but now it is almost certainly on some kind of linoleum. Some will
> speculate
> that it was Larry who sold me the linoleum, and that the track "larry
> joins
> in" is actually the sound of Larry nailing the linoleum where the rug used
> to be. This will cause great controversy.
> I may also show up, unnanounced, at a Burger King in Boise, Idaho. A
> blurry
> snapshot will exist. Much discussiom will ensue as to whether I had fries
> with that whopper..speculation that will reach a fever pitch when my next
> album contains a track called "they were cold by the time I got home"
> I am not Mayethel by the way. Mayethel is not here.  I don't want to talk
> about it.
> Anything else, just ask!

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