[Jandek] who likes jandek?

Nil Desperandum nil_shok at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 18 07:43:58 PST 2005

>I do not believe anyone "likes" them.  I think it's a
>bad case of "look at me, I'm different and special"
>among a very small group of poseurs.

my first impulse was just to say "bite it", but yr
just quoting that kurt cobain flip on jandek. i, for
one, actually enjoy a good percentage of jandek's
music (although not all, and would be willing to say
that people who take the "all jandek is good jandek"
opinion probably aren't listening to the records as
records). like most people, i was intrigued by the
mystery and kept a record around for a long time
before i was able to recognize the music in it. (did
the same thing with throbbing gristle when i was 14--
thought it was a hype and a joke until i got the
punchline later on; now i can't imagine why i had so
much trouble in the first place.) 
at some point, i stopped listening for songs and just
concentrated on moods; once i stopped paying
attention, the lyrics and voice started to filter
thru, and i began to feel it. it is (for me) all about
creating a headspace; extremely intuitive-- jandek's
music pokes a spot on my brain that very little else

as for this poseur bullshit-- why is it that when
people enjoy something that others have a hard time
relating to, it is somehow a pose? as if there was
somehow proper criteria for liking anything. there are
probably as many reasons to like jandek as there are
people on this list-- everyone has their own use for
this music, etc, and some have no use for it. that
doesn't make these opinions any more or less valid. 

people who use the words "poseur"/"pretentious" (in my
opinion) are just provincial thinkers that don't
recognize the fact that people like/dislike things in
completely different ways for completely different
reasons. that's because people a unique, believe it or
not; a pretty shallow point, but i think you
mischaracterize this "small group" as a sort of
self-defining "in group" with yr statement. 

don't like jandek? fine. but don't pretend that makes
you superior, please. what do you like?


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