[Jandek] Re: Jandek the Christian

Joe Faust boddekker at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 13 05:53:22 PST 2005

> Singing about God does not make one a Christian. The
> concept of God is
> something central to most religions, and therefore
> not confined to
> Christianity.

Point taken.  For example, Ian Anderson, avowed
agnostic (or is it atheist?) wrote enough songs with
"Christian" themes for Jethro Tull to release a
Christmas album last year (although several draw on
pagan imagery as well).  Also, this is with "Aqualung"

> also what i found interesting is the fact that the
> very fact we're having this discussion here means
> that there are jandek listeners who wouldn't like
> him to be christian.. listens who are at least a bit
> troubled about that..
> i personally wouldn't care about that. most of the
> time christian/spiritual/biblical imagery can be
> very interesting/fascinating/beautiful even for
> non-religious listeners (like me)

This is an excellent point.  There are some Jandek
songs that deal so heavily with spiritual struggle
("One Last Chance" and a couple other songs from This
Narrow Road, for example, since this song came up in
my iTunes rotation yesterday) in Christian terms that
I can't *not* think that Jandek has a Christian

Jandek is Jandek, and as has been said here many times
before, it's all about the music.  The Christian
theme, for me, is part of what makes him fascinating. 
Those disturbed by this should just ignore it.  My
politics lean right of center, but I love The Clash. 
I disagree with what they say, but love the vehicle
they use to express themselves.  So be it with Jandek.

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