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On the contrary, I wouldn¹t have any problems with Jandek being a Christian
any more than I would have a problem with him being a Zoroastrian. I am,
however, troubled by the spurious use of lyric fragments in order to try and
³prove² something about him ­ it is, as I think I explained in my last post,
possible to ³prove² a great variety of different theories by selective
quoting ­ yet remain wide of the mark. I think that any attempt at forensic
examination of his lyrics in order to flesh out the man is doomed to

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> also what i found interesting is the fact that the very fact we're having this
> discussion here means that there are jandek listeners who wouldn't like him to
> be christian.. listens who are at least a bit troubled about that..
> i personally wouldn't care about that. most of the time
> christian/spiritual/biblical imagery can be very
> interesting/fascinating/beautiful even for non-religious listeners (like me)

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