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don henson donsolo23 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 10 00:26:21 PST 2005

I had posted about "The Door Behind" It has the same
intensity as "The Humility of Pain" but where that
record is more mournful lyrically "The Door Behind" is
very upbeat but comes out so passionately it becomes
similar (other than the fact the "Humility" is acoust
& "Door" is electric.

I have most of the CD's now. I don't have the three
spoken word discs, nor "The Rocks Crumble" "Somebody
In the Snow", "One Foot In the North" and "I Threw You
Away"  I've never done an order through Corwood I live
in Portland OR and a few of the record stores here
carry them.  I got my first 15 four years ago at
Jackpot, someone had sold them and I bought them all
used for $5 a pop.  I spent about a year listening to
them.  I recently got "Interstellar Discussion" which
I assumed was all drums and electric guitar, which
it's not.  "Kicks" is a great one note tour-de-force
about a junkie, which I found interesting as a Jandek
topic of song.

Another thing I've been marvelling at is the
differences between "Nancy Sings" "John Plays Drums" &
"A Dozen Drops" all the same song and yet totally
reinterpreted each time.

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