[Jandek] Jandek 'in' France

Hervé Planquois herve.planquois at neuf.fr
Wed Feb 9 04:29:23 PST 2005

Hello great day for me: it is my first post here, and I am very  glad. 

I am a faithfull reader of the tisue's site and - of course - of the list, since a long time, and it's always a depth pleasure. With some friends (of which Mickael - bonjour Mickael ), we had created a site in french. It's there :  http://jandek.free.fr

On this site, you could find a videogramme (performed december 2005 in a underground place in my town Grenoble, with the authorization of Corwood - it was a free entrace affair) and a recording of an emission of radio, diffused on Radio-campus of Grenoble university - February 1, 2005. I obviously love the artistic step of Jandek, and i own to date 29 albums. I animate here and there discussions about his oeuvre. Here some links :





Long live to Seth Tisue's site (and to Seth Tisue himself  J) - and to the Corwood's productions... 

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