[Jandek] Fwd: Mothers Against Noise (MAN)

chthonic streams chthonic at chthonicstreams.com
Thu Dec 29 16:54:36 PST 2005

>Who actually pays attention to this sort of website though?  People 
>who already dislike this sort of music, that's who.  This won't 
>change the mind of anyone.  That being said, I'm fairly sure this is 
>a prank.

whether it's a prank or not, it's getting play.  a simple google 
search turned up a lot of forums discussing the site, plus an 
official yahoo group.  and then there's this bit of press (partially 
quoted on the website, minus the happy ending):

Earlier this year, when the band toured with Sonic Youth for three 
weeks, they met up with proof that they were doing something right in 
the form of M.A.N. - Mothers Against Noise - a group of middle-aged 
mothers picketing outside a California venue.

If that sounds like a throwback group, you're not far off, to hear 
Olson tell the story:

"We pulled up to the venue in San Diego and there's all these women 
outside with M.A.N signs. And (Sonic Youth's) Thurston (Moore) was 
like, 'That's not for us, dude. That's for you.'"

So Olson, of course, went over to talk to them.

"They were just tired of their kids going deaf from listening to 
really, really loud music," Olson says. "It was that simple.

"So we talked, and they asked what it was that we did, and in the 
end, I said, 'It's just like Chuck Berry.'" He pauses, smiles, and 
says, "And really, it is."

from http://www.metrotimes.com/editorial/story.asp?id=6881

so obviously this newspaper thinks it's real.  if it is a hoax, it's 
more than just on the net if women actually showed up at a gig in 


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