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now that we're over halfway through the first decade of the 21st century, 1950s-style pop music is a senior citizen, so to speak.  at this point, we've had a few ironic eras and post ironic eras.  avant and pop have been feeding off of each other for a long time as has irony.  

whether avant or pop, the criteria for music product should only be, "does this get me high or not?" because very little else matters.

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>Yuval Legendtofski wrote:
>> Weren't Sonic Youth big Madonna fans? 
>Yes indeed! SY, along with Mike Watt, had an album out in the mid 80s 
>called Ciccone Youth, that included Watt's cover of Burning Up. And Kim 
>sang on a cover of Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love.
>> I reckon Jandek's pulling our legs and is a big fan of Bobortemagus, 
>> Loren Connors,Half Japanese, Lydia Lunch and all that other 
>> avant-skronk, but he's just being modest
>Heh, well, he probably likes a lot of stuff. I can't imagine too many 
>people in the indie and avant scenes who don't like cheesy pop as well.
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