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Hi there,

I guess this hasnıt been posted so far: The Berlin Biennale features a group
exhibition called ³The Gone Wait² - this is most probably the
²special about Jandek's cover art²  which Jungle mentioned in his review of
the Belgium concert.

>From the press blurb:

The Gone Wait

Curated by Tobias Buche

Gagosian Gallery
10119 BERLIN
TEL 030 28879069
FAX 030 24345988
TUE-SAT 12-18 h
Opening reception: November 28, 7­9 pm
Exhibition dates: November 29 ­ December 31, 2005
J. Depp, Gibson Haynes, John Frusciante, Rainald Goetz, Jacob Holdt, Jandek,
Josef Kramhöller, Kitty Kraus, Jonas Lippsm, Josef Strau, Herbert Volkmann,
Maximilian Zentz Zlomovitz

The exhibition ³The Gone Wait² presents artworks and documents by writers,
filmmakers, musicians and visual artists who, consciously or unconsciously,
address both literal and metaphorical acts of vanishing and escaping reality
or the socialized world.
The show includes various representations of isolation or extrication with a
hallucinatory exploration of impenetrable locations both physical and
psychological. Author or subject, academic or visionary, documentary or
fictional‹these dichotomies become obscured or insignificant in the works
presented here.
The diverse, yet heavily autobiographical approaches taken by the artists
included in the show often elude categorization and are difficult to
describe or put into words. The exhibition title, ³The Gone Wait,² borrowed
from Jandekıs 2003 album of the same name, makes no immediate sense, but
implies a feeling much like that of being alone or removed from
civilization. Jandek, represent the simultaneous production of absence and
presence with his self-portrait album covers.

[and, more specifically on Jandek:]

Until a few months ago, the Texan musician Jandek had never performed live
and generally avoided any kind of public appearance, still he has built up a
strong, cultish following, recording over 40 albums which he distributes via
his own label, Corwood Industries. His simultaneous presence and absence
exemplified by his album covers, reveals aspects of the elusive phantom
persona of the artist.

The German press text differs slightly from the English version and claims
that in his cover design Jandek ³is turning around his absence and his
disappearance²: ³On each of the more than 40 records which have been
released until now, [Jandekıs] own persona is present in a shadowy and
defensive staging of the self.²

Unfortunately, I noticed this too late, so despite living in Germany I wonıt
have the time to see the exhibition, but if anybody on the list does, Iıd
like to hear about it.

By the way, just for the record: This ³Gagosian Gallery² has nothing to do
with the original one in the U.K. and U.S., despite the similar looking
website (http://www.berlinbiennale.de/gagosian.php?lang=de), this is just
some sort of conceptual ³guerrilla franchising².

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