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Corey Griffin toastedwoofie at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 31 20:46:11 PDT 2005

Well, I am definitely going to try and get tickets for both sets on the 7th. I managed to get one for the Anthology show, but it would be much easier for me to attend the shows the following night. With that said, does anyone know if it be at all possible to sell my ticket for the show on the 6th at face value? or perhaps trade with someone who has a ticket to one of the sets the next night? Given the way the tickets were issued at Other when they went onsale, I realize that this might be difficult, but I would be able to meet whomever at the venue and pick up the ticket for them assuming there are no other policies concerning who can use the ticket, etc.

Seth Tisue <seth at tisue.net> wrote:
Jandek will play two more shows in New York, both on September 7,
at 7:30pm and 9:00pm.

You may want to attend both since they will be different from each
other. I'm afraid I don't know exactly what "different" means, but in
any case, it will not just be the same set performed twice.

The venue is Issue Project Room in Brooklyn; see
http://www.issueprojectroom.org/ . DO NOT call the venue about tickets;
they are not available yet. Ticket availability will be announced here
on the mailing list and on the Jandek web site once details have been
worked out.

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