[Jandek] Austin show review

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Wed Aug 31 01:57:06 PDT 2005

Just got back to Arkansas (hey, if you're going all the way to Austin (8 hrs from here), you might as well make a few dats of it) and I'll post some thoughts tomorrow.

But first, a brief paraphrase of a real conversation I had with a clerk at Waterloo records this afternoon on my way out.

Clerk: (runs my Visa, sees I'm from out of town) Arkansas, huh?  Here on business?

Me:  No.  I came to see the Jandek show (Waterloo was WELL stocked with Corwood stuff).

Clerk:  Were you totally disturbed?  I heard he was REAL disturbing.

Me:  Not really.  It was quite something.  I assume you heard about the two drummers?

Clerk:  TWO drummers?  no way.  Real musicians?

Me:  (impatient) Yes.

Clerk:  Huh. I just heard he was, you know, like a total freak. I heard he was psycho.

Me:  No, I didn't catch that at all.  Very cool show. He even got into it a couple of times, like jammed out if you could call it that.  

Clerk:  But not what you'd hoped it would be.  Couldn't have been.

Me:  More, actually.  

Clerk gave me weird look and I signed receipt.

Sigh. Now that I've read the Austin 360 review I bet the guy took that and added his own "theories."

Too bad about the New Orleans thing.  I'd decided on the way down that I'd do it.  Now there's nothing to do. Hopefully he'll do a make-up show in the future.

Anybody got any lyrics yet? I caught a bunch and may add a few tomorrow, but I know at least one of you was writing things down... 

More soon,


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