[Jandek] Austin observations

meddle _meddle at cox.net
Wed Aug 31 01:10:59 PDT 2005

A few more observations I had that I haven't seen mentioned ...

As far as I could tell, Jandek never acknowledged the audience.
He certainly never spoke to us (or the band members) and I never
once saw him look our way.  He only looked down (often at his
book - presumably lyrics - on the music stand beside him), at the
mic or guitar or the band members.  It was as if were weren't there.
When he walked on and off stage he had tunnel vision to his
destination.  I was surprised at how he left, walking in front of the
drum sets rather than behind them as he had done to enter ...

 From my point of view I saw Jandek half-smile twice at the bass
player.  They seemed to have a bit of a repoire.  The band were
definitely looking to Jandek for cues and they did a great job of
improvising.  There were times when the band were grooving out
(non-rhythmically, of course) and Jandek really seemed to be
enjoying himself, facing the band and bending his knees and
rocking up and down.  I get the impression he's really enjoying
playing live ...


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