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how was Nick contacted to be part of this?  Did Corwood request him or was he suggested to him/them? 
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The two drummers were Nick Hennies (stage right) and Chris Cogburn  
(stage left, behind Jandek).  Nick plays in a band called the Weird  
Weeds (that I am also in) and is an active improviser in Austin.   
Chris is also a local improviser, and is the organizer of the annual  
"No Idea" festival.  The bass player (who I don't know, but thought  
was fantastic) is named Juan and is from Houston, but I don't know  
his last name.  Somebody help me out here!


On Aug 29, 2005, at 2:59 PM, rangoon wrote:

>> I know at Instal, applause was cool, and at Gateshead, it wasn't...
> Applause was wild at Gateshead, with audience members whooping and
> cheering before, during and after the performance (I was sat next to
> one such 'whooper'!)...as I gather, it was Glasgow the next night that
> had a silent audience until the end.
> Great Austin review indeed - but who were the TWO drummers?
> Gavin
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