[Jandek] Austin show review

Bradleybee bradleybee at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 29 16:00:22 PDT 2005

The audience did not applaud as the musicians took the stage (a
little snooty, but oh well,) only after each song, and again as
they left the stage.  There was one film camera at the front of
the stage.  I also saw one film camera in the back.  

The drummer on the left was Nick Hennies (The Weird Weeds.)  The
drummer on the right was Chris Cogburn.  I'm not sure who the
bassist was.  Mabye it was Ramon Madina, but that is a wild
guess.  The bass guitar work, for the most part, was very
melodic and supportive.  He switched to high, short, jarring
notes a few times during the concert.  That provided a strange
contrast but wasn't too disruptive.

My lasting impression is that even though there were two
drummers, they provided very little strong rhythmic drive, and
only occasionally rose to a grand crecendo.  They both provided
a delicate bed if fills and accents, with Chris providing some
drone effects by rubbing the drum heads, sometimes with small
cymbals, sometimes with the butt-end of a mallet.  This is not
necessarily a bad thing, because the extra space in the mix
really opened up Sterling's guitar work.  Instead of the
pounding, rhythmic guitar work heard on much of Glasgow Sunday,
we were treated to lots of lush, intricate picking &
finger-boarding, which during the best moments of the concert
created a hypnotic, etherial atmosphere.  

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