[Jandek] Austin show review

jim posner jcposner at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 13:05:27 PDT 2005

There was applause throughout the show. However, what I did what notice (or 
maybe imagined) is that when the drummers and bass player starting 
jamming/riffing into a more melodic song structure then they would get a 
look from Jandek that seem to say.."hey what's up with that?..Let's keep it 
atonal and discordant" and then he would back up the look with an loud 
strum..It was an quite an experience..kinda like the musical equivalent of 
bungee jumping...something that you enjoy more after it's over with. (at 
least for me) I have followed his career since OP and Option magazine and 
have always been interested in him as an enigma rather than a singer/ 
songwriter. If you went in expecting classic Jandek you were not 
disappointed..you might have even been anti-entertained.
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