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Seth Tisue seth at tisue.net
Tue Aug 23 00:46:31 PDT 2005

>>>>> "Danen" == Danen D Jobe <djobe at uark.edu> writes:

 Danen> Haven't heard if any other bands are on
 Danen> the line-up for this show, nor do I know if Jandek will play
 Danen> first or last if bands ARE opening (aren't Charalambides from
 Danen> Austin? Only makes sense that they might open - I hope so!)

Christina Carter of Charalambides has been added to the bill in New
Orleans.  (Her fine solo disc Living Contact [Kranky, krank075] has a
real Corwoodian vibe to it...)

As for Austin, the wording of the site ("Jandek will perform for the
first time in the US... The performance will begin at 7:30pm") seems to
imply no one else is playing, but you can't tell for sure.

And yeah, that's a good point, that maybe Jandek will play first at
these shows -- he's played first at his three shows so far (well, in
Gateshead he was the first to play in the main hall).

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