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> 200 tix at $26 each is $5,200.
> Now, take out about $800 - $1,000 for the venue rental (unless the 
> Anthology
> is actually co-sponsoring the event, which it appears they're not).
> Then take out another $200 - $300 for the security which I can only assume
> they'll have to provide to keep sundry nutbags from trying to get to the
> featured artist before, during and after the show.

This is Jandek, not Paul McCartney. I doubt there's going to be any more 
security than there usually is at performances this size. Which is to say, 
none. That $300 could pay at least one and possibly both opening acts.

> Then take out the cost of professionally-made physical tickets (let's say
> $150)
> Then the cost of a PA system commensurate with what they'll need (which 
> I'll
> bet this theater does not normally house), and an engineer to run it. That
> could easily run as much as $800.
> If he requires a piano, to have one rented, hauled upstairs and then 
> tuned,
> might cost as much as $500.
> Then there's the matter of getting the Corwood rep to NYC from Louisiana
> (train travel might account for the lag between shows). Let's say $200.
> Then he has to stay somewhere. True, he could have friends who'll let him
> crash, but why do I assume he'll want a cozy hotel room far from the 
> madding
> crowds? Try $150 a night for a couple nights (who doesn't at least look
> around NYC?
> Even after backing off these estimates a little bit, the net is now down 
> to
> $2,300, and the opening acts have yet to be paid, and the promoter (who's
> obviously handling ALL OF THE DETAILS) hasn't either.
> I would not be surprised if, at the end of the day, our man walks away 
> with
> between $1,000 and $1,800 for his work.

$1,000 for a couple hours work isn't bad. Again, this is Jandek, not Paul 

> With that in mind, it's interesting that he's insisting on keeping ticket
> prices so low. They could have been $100 each and it still would have sold
> out in approximately the same amount of time.

It's possible, just because there were so few tickets, but even with all the 
notice he's been getting for the live performances, the fan base isn't that 
large. Charging $100 a ticket would drive away a lot of people. Especially 
those who are going because a Jandek show is an EVENT. And I suspect that 
the show sold out because of those people. Would anyone say that Jandek has 
a bigger following in NYC than, say, Neil Innes, AMM, or The Monks? All of 
them took considerably longer to sell out similar sized shows. (Innes, at 
$17, didn't sell out until the day of the show. AMM did 4 shows at the 
Knitting Factory, which I don't think even holds 200 at $20. I'm not sure 
they even did sell out. The Monks' reunions shows, the first shows in the US 
ever by a legendary band, took several weeks to sell out.) 

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