[Jandek] Writing Corwood

Seth Tisue seth at tisue.net
Thu Aug 11 09:10:19 PDT 2005

I'm having second thoughts about my idea of writing Corwood about the
NYC show; I'd written out a postcard myself but now I'm thinking I won't
send it.  We don't know much pressure Corwood is feeling about these
shows.  If there's "only" one east coast show (I mean, my god, it's
bizarre enough there are any shows at all, anywhere), at a venue with a
certain capacity, it must be because they wanted it that way; we know
Corwood is extremely particular about the conditions under which the
shows happen.  (That said, I'm sure the stuff with the ticketing was out
of their hands...)  With five more shows coming up, it's easy to start
thinking about it differently, like he's a normal touring artist all of
a sudden, but those five shows haven't even happened yet.  Anyway, I'm
sure Corwood will learn how quickly two of the shows sold out, and that
speaks for itself.

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