[Jandek] New York show sold out

Jeff Shuman mrcupp at davidbowie.com
Thu Aug 11 01:48:08 PDT 2005

     instead of just crediting luck as the reason i was able to get through to ticketweb to get a conformation code, i am crediting DUMB luck.
i worked at Amoeba Music in SF for the last few years and that is the only reason i was even exposed to Jandek in the first place. it makes me feel very uncomfortable to know that so many people who  had to dig so much deeper than i had to find the music of Jandek didn't have the same "dumb luck" i did. it simply isn't right that some people have waited for 2 decades to see this show and have been deprived of it by absolutely no fault of their own. i have had dozens and dozens of good experiences with ticketweb. i believe that because of this track record, ticketweb have no excuse for causing this much confusion and woe. 
     the venue and/or ticketweb staff that screwed this up so badly should and will be held responsible for the major difficulties they have caused, but i believe that the only thing that i can personally do to rectify the situation is to write a polite letter to Corwood expressing my hope for another show so that jandek fans can see Jandek live.
i hope that the conclusion of this situation for all of you is as painless as possible and that the end result is that you are all in attendance of a NY Jandek performance.

-jeff shuman

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>Consider dropping Corwood a line and letting them know you tried to get
>a ticket but couldn't.  Who knows, maybe they'd consent to adding a
>second show if they heard there was demand, or if not at least it might
>make Jandek more inclined to visit the east coast again sometime.
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