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Robertson Davis soccerdude219 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 10 17:15:45 PDT 2005

Yeah, he put out records as he can afford them, or at least this was how he did it in '85. Considering the off-the-cuff nature of the records, it seems likely that he recorded them faster than he could put them out. I find the ten albums by '78 idea pretty believable, because he sounds a lot younger on the early records than he could have been when he released them (he was already 33 in '78 but he sounds like a teenager on the first bunch) .

HPEllison at aol.com wrote:Being a relatively new Jandek fan, I have to know a little more about the 
idea behind jandek's albums being non-linear in their inception. Is this all 
just speculation, or did Jandek definitely state in that one interview that he 
released albums when he felt like it and not as he finished recording them? 


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