[Jandek] New Jandek album on Irwin's show...

Jeff Grimshaw jgrimshaw at blast.net
Sat Aug 6 14:55:36 PDT 2005

Thanks for posting this. The Jandek song is followed up immediately and
without any spoken introduction by Stravinsky's "The Soldier's Tale," and to
my ears it's not even a stretch-- they make perfect sense on the same
program. Anyway
I wrote to Irwin after listening to ask about an absurd rumor that's been
all over New Jersey the past few weeks:

"Is there anything at all to the rumor about you and  R. Stevie Moore
providing the bass and drum accompaniment to Jandek at the Anthology Film

To which he replied:

"Yes, but it's strictly a rent gig."

I take that as a 'no.'

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