[Jandek] Time for a new interview

billie matson ardramina at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 25 20:50:29 PDT 2005

With such changes occuring in Jandeks stance on being in the public eye 
perhaps there is a worthy candidate somewhere who could entice the 
wonderfully eloquent (after hearing the interview who can possibly deny 
Corwoods spokesman is certainly that..) Jandek to say a bit more about his 
process, perhaps his decision to perform, but more about what has further 
influenced him in the many years since his last interview.  I was so blown 
away by how visual and poetic his thoughts were it made me glad someone like 
him is putting his messages into the world.

My small plea to Sterling Smith, please, more of this wizard behind the 
curtain.  I don't think anyone has been disappointed!!!

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