[Jandek] Blue Corpse edits

Steve Bouton sleeve at efn.org
Wed Apr 6 22:33:52 PDT 2005

For some reason, this really, really bothers me.  I don't trust artists 
who think they can second-guess themselves later in their careers and 
try to rewrite their history.  This is very different than including or 
cutting studio chatter.  It reminds me more of the butcher job Frank 
Zappa did on the early Mothers albums when they came out on CD.  I have 
a lot of trouble thinking of the new version of "Only Lover" as 
"authentic" in any way.  Jeez, it was almost 20 years ago.  Leave the 
damn song alone, man.  I know it's his trip and he can do what he 
wants, but again, I think this is a troubling development.


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