[Jandek] Six and Six re-reissued

Seth Tisue seth at tisue.net
Wed Apr 6 20:10:05 PDT 2005

Jandek's second album, Six and Six, was out of print briefly, but has
now been re-reissued.  I just got the new edition in the mail today from
Corwood.  The back cover now sports a bar code that wasn't there before,
and all but one of the track times are longer.  Sometimes it's only by 2
seconds, usually it's between 6 and 9 seconds, and on the last track,
"Delinquent Words", it's 16 seconds.

There are silences at the beginning of each track now that apparently
account for the extra seconds; the old version didn't have them.  I
listened to the beginnings and endings of most tracks and didn't notice
any obvious differences in sound.  Except:

"I Knew You Would Leave" is 10:14 on both editions.  But the new one has
extra silence at both ends, so I wondered how the times could come out
the same.  If I play them both simultaneously, staggering the start time
so they start together, they stay in sync until about the 4:30 mark,
then suddenly they become out of sync by 3 or 4 seconds.  So at least
that much audio is missing from the new version.  No words are missing
in that spot, just a few seconds of guitar.  It's after he sings
"Sometimes I know it not" but before the next line, "As the air, no air
is still".  I don't hear an audible edit, but there's definitely a few
missing seconds.  I think there must be more missing later on in order
to account for all of the added silence.

Also, the two versions of that track sound a bit different, too; there's
noticeably more hiss on the old version.

So apparently at least that one track was remastered.  Perhaps there are
other differences elsewhere I didn't notice...?

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