[Jandek] Site & movie

Seth Tisue seth at tisue.net
Wed Apr 6 10:12:49 PDT 2005

To answer the Village Voice writer's question about why the web site
doesn't say where the name "Jandek" comes from:

That's just one of many pieces of information from the documentary that
isn't on the site yet.  It's because while the movie is still current, I
don't want the site to spoil the movie.  Once the DVD's been out a while
longer (another, I don't know, 6 months maybe? I haven't decided
exactly), I'll merge in what we learned from it -- at least the most
important things, anyway.

Plenty else is known that isn't on the site either, but that's just
because I'm lazy.  In the meantime, anyone can learn a lot by digging
through the archives of the mailing list.

I initially put the site together during a period of unemployment;
not sure how I'll ever get caught up until that happens again.

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