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Ya - I'm in a band, and we were playing this festival a few weeks ago called
the Mór Festival here in Ireland.  It was mostly
noise/electronica/experimental/improv stuff.  There was a band playing
called Agitated Radio Pilot, and in the little Mór booklet that was handed
out, they said that they were influenced by Daniel Johnston and Jandek!  So
I went to see them, and it was the best gig I've ever seen - I'm pretty sure
I was floating - I can't remember anything else about the gig.  I was
talking to them the next day, so, yes - that was my first chance meeting
with a Jandek fan - and there was about 7 of them!


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I'm here in Amherst and there is a used record store that sells Jandek
called Mystery Train Records. I bought Living in a Moon so Blue and One Foot
in the North this week and the girl at the counter was like "Jandek rocks"
which was pretty awesome because I've never run into anyone who's heard of
Jandek before, and it made me wonder if anyone else on this list has ever
run into another Jandek fan, aside from at screenings of the movie of


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