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Mon Oct 25 06:01:15 PDT 2004

I don't think. For me it's just a ample evidence of a big humility.
In the present case, it's a question of "a total and perfect erasing /
effacement / dissolution  (?) * " 
face to his art. Jandek doesn't exist. Jandek is his Music! It's why he
introduce himself like 
a "representative of Corwood".
*I hope you understand the sense of my message. It's difficult to me to
translate in english the concept of my reflexion... ;-] 
the sense of yr msg. is perfectly clear.  and makes a lot more sense(to
me anyway) than the paranoia theory. jandek seems to me to be a rather
humble/meek fellow that is not the type to step in the spotlight in any
arena. as he simply isn't comfortable with the notoriety involved. the
performance part it's self though he seems fairly comfortable with.
maybe it is because after making 38(or more unreleased even) records
over the years one gets comfortable with one's style. but still I figure
that the reclusive nature of the art so far is more to do with a lack of
pretension(as cobain said)/meekness than any grand paranoid fantasy
about his life or his art being destroyed by some great popularity. plus
I always figured that he wanted to present the art separate from any
image or extraneous nonsense. it seems to me that the covers are so
timeless that they could have been from any era(especially the black and
white ones). that is why I always figured that he wasn't the guy in the
photos. I mean if you were really paranopid would you put your picture
on the cover?
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