[Jandek] Jandek Live & Corwood

John Darnielle sangiovese at themountaingoats.net
Mon Oct 25 08:10:29 PDT 2004

>> he's only giving ample evidence of being an extremely paranoid person.

> I don't think. For me it's just a ample evidence of a big humility.
> In the present case, it's a question of "a total and perfect erasing /
> effacement / dissolution  (?) * "
> face to his art. Jandek doesn't exist. Jandek is his Music! It's why he
> introduce himself like
> a "representative of Corwood".
> Michael

Agree in large part with Michael here. I think the whole Jandek project has
to do with severely interrogating our concept of how personality relates to
music - I do think he's *interested* in how the two intersect/are construed,
but I think he wants to allay any "omg you are so amazing!" stuff that might
come up. The live appearance seems somehow a comment on how sticky the whole
music/person-who-made-it equation really is.


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