[Jandek] 1st album only "pure" one

Justin Bailey alfredggnome at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 22 11:18:30 PDT 2004

Any discussion of "purity" in terms of whether some
albums are more or less Jandek just ends up being an
out-hipping competition, like "I have to separate
myself from these new fans jumping on the bandwagon,
so I'll say I like Jandek on some higher level."
Frankly, it just seems pretentious and silly to me.
Perhaps it's the nature of Jandek that lets people get
away with saying this crap. If someone were making the
same sort of assertion on a Guns 'n Roses list, that,
say "Appetite for Destruction" is more pure than "Use
Your Illusion" everyone would just call the person an

--- Dave Parent <dave9199 at lycos.com> wrote:

> I disagree with this comment made by Seth, I think.
> Because in Sterling Smith's response to Chusid's
> letter in 1980, he says he has at least 10 more
> albums & wants to release them all. That would make
> the first 11 albums "pure" which is up to Foreign
> Keys. I, myself, think their all pure anyway.
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