[Jandek] Jandek Live & Corwood

Justin Bailey alfredggnome at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 22 08:07:34 PDT 2004

The mp3s I've heard so far sound exactly like that
last few CDs. Deep, throaty voice, hypnotic bass, and
a cat-screaming-in-a-blender guitar tuning. The drums
are the most normal I've ever heard on a Jandek
recording. I don't really like his new stuff, but
given the nature of his music, I'd imagine he'll
probably never play any old stuff if he does more
shows. Of course this means my dreams of hearing "Only
Lover" performed live will remain dreams.

One other pondering: why did he make such a point of
being a "corwood representative". I mean, Sterling,
bro, keep it real. We all know that's there's only one
smokestack at Corwood Industries. He's not fooling
anyone; he's only giving ample evidence of being an
extremely paranoid person. Then again, in these modern
times, who isn't extremely paranoid?

I'm just surprised he didn't hawk his CDs at the show.
Doesn't he need to move them?

--- Na Na <ketaminesun at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Has anyone contacted Corwood about the live
> performance or has Corwood issued any kind of
> "official" statement in regards to it?  I'm guessing
> they'd say the same thing that was used at the
> festival, that it was a 'representative' of Corwood
> but not actually confirming it was Jandek.
> At this point, I only have the first 20 discs and I
> haven't even made it all the way through them.  The
> Jandek that I'm used to has a bit of a higher voice.
> I know it was mentioned on the list at one point
> that
> his voice had lowered with age.  Does the voice on
> the
> live material sound consistent with the voice on the
> most recent CDs?  
> Ken
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