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Ross Em indiejanglefunkterrorist at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 22 03:18:25 PDT 2004

Seth mate
Cheers for yr concern - I was in fucking floods
yesterday.  To be honest Ive never been so
disappointed.  The fact is Jandek (Although I dont
have many of his records - I have a ton of copies and
5 bought albums - cuz they are so hard to get a hold
of over here - especially since I dont know what
postage methods to use) is one of my favourite all
time artists, and to think that I missed out on him
really gets to me.  Hell, if I had went round to a
particular record store (again, five seconds away from
where my ass was at on Sunday) I would have definitely
known it was on (or at least have been told NOT TO BE
DOING ANYTHING ELSE) I was, and still am deeply deeply
upset that I missed him, but the fact that the MP3s
are available is awesome.  

Its nice that you were concerned enough about me to
reply man, this kind of thing - although its only
music toi some people - really gets me down.  Jandek
will be getting a letter expressing how bad I feel and
asking him to start playing live.  I know its a lot to
ask, but Id read he'd never felt so alive!!! 
Hopefully its the start of things to come but I doubt

PS: Spot on about yr point regarding the Indie Elites
getting Jandek.  :)
I share yr view on this one
Big love brother.

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