[Jandek] Ah! MP3's down!!!

djobe at uark.edu djobe at uark.edu
Wed Oct 20 16:08:04 PDT 2004

AH!!!!  The files are currently down.  Any chance they'll be back up?  Otherwise, could anybody send me the files by email?  You can send them to disappearingink at yahoo.com and I think that's got plenty of room for them. In return I would, um, well, I don't know what I could do, but I would be REALLLLYYY happy :).

Thanks to all whose efforts have gone out to get this thing around, and heres to hoping it makes it all the way around!


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From: Maurice Rickard <maurice at mac.com>
Date: Tuesday, October 19, 2004 10:50 pm
Subject: Re: [Jandek] Listen to Jandek Live...

> Thanks, Joshua!
> But as of right now, .mp3s 5 through 8 are resulting in 404s.
> -M
> At 6:39 PM -0400 10/19/04, joshua at teahaile.com wrote:
> >okay, everyone...i have the jandek-live Mp3's up for a listen, as 
> well as
> >RealPlayer streams for those with dial-up.
> >
> >http://jandek.teahaile.com
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