[Jandek] thoughts on the live show

Ian gentlegiant810 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 19 06:32:03 PDT 2004

i'm still in relative shock by recent occurences in
the jandek story.  

while it comes as a shock that he actually played a
show, it seems like he didn't sacrifice much of his
secrecy to do so.  no one knew about it (on "his"
orders), and he disappears right after he's done.

it also brings to mind the name of the last album "the
end of it all."  perhaps it pertains to the end of the
secrecy, or at least some of it.  with the DVD and the
show, he's coming out of his shell.  this will be a
new era of jandek.  

i congratulate the man for doing this.  it's an
amazing step and if he ever comes anywhere near me,
i'm going to be there, front and center.

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