[Jandek] The Day Everyone's Brain Exploded

Clay Miller ccmiller at usd.edu
Mon Oct 18 12:00:35 PDT 2004

Even though this is an unusual move for such a musicians (totally open 
aesthetically to the audience, unlike say the residents who perform in 
costume), we will now never have to ask what if?   There is also no 
guarantee that this will ever happen again.  I would suggest everyone lay 
low and not bother him about this, or he may regret the decision he made. 
>From there he can choose whether to play more shows, or leave it at one, or 
what have you.  Really, if anyone wants a chance to see him, tread 

Would he like to come to small town south dakota?  hehehe.


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>O Lord, a picture is worth a thousand words. That's
> Jandek, alright. I'd swear by it. You know, it's funny
> that Jandek has built such a reputation of consistency
> that people find it unbelievable that he did something
> as simple as play a gig.
> And playing a set at a festival in Scotland is hardly
> in the same ballpark as going on the Tonight Show.
> C'mon, next thing you know you'll be hearing people
> say "Yeah, I liked Jandek for a while, until he sold
> out."
> Most importantly, I need details, song lists,
> anything! What did he sound like? Did he sing in a
> whisper, like his earlier stuff, or did he moan like
> his last few albums? Was did his guitar sound like?
> What kind of tuning? To all who were there, please be
> a responsible member of the list and report back!
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