Ross Em indiejanglefunkterrorist at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Oct 10 03:10:39 PDT 2004

Well ive made this point on the list before and was
universally slated for it; but if Jandek is/was a
parody, I dont care, because at the ewnd of the day,
the artists perception is of no relevance - each
listener's reaction to the music is diffrnt and to me,
Jandek's music is special to me.  It gives me hope, it
makes me happy, it makes me sad.  When im lonely, i
listen to Jandek and think that thank christ there's
more people in the world who are as fuckin lonely as I
Whether Jandek "means it ma-an" is an irrelevance. 
His music is MY music and is such a huge part of my
life it doesnt matter what his initial intentions
were.  Just a thought.
Take care
Ross Em

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