[Jandek] Hi and a Jandek-on-corwood review

m. autorepeat at web.de
Fri Oct 8 05:33:26 PDT 2004


Been lurking here some days now and wanted to say hi to everybody. I'm
Martin from Berlin, Germany, work for an indie-label
(http://www.ulftone.com) and know about the man since the mid 90ies, when a
friend of mine recorded 2 songs on a tape for me. I've got oly three albums
so far, Twelfth Apostle, The Beginning and The Place. The latter one I like

I found a review of the documetary today, if it has been posted here before,


Also, if there are any other Germans or even Berliners on the list, Give me
a holler and let's meet on Jandek-Day.

Does anyone know if Corwood has been approached by another label concering a
"best-of" compilation? Just an idea...



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